Samāpatti LINK 4hr Strategy Backtest

Currently in Invite Only Forward Testing on Zignaly, the Samāpatti LINK 4hr Strategy by River Algos has had the following Backtest results

The above Backtest is on BITSTAMP:BTCUSD which goes back to 2017, with no Commission, and Initial Capital of $1000
With Commission set to 0.072 (Binance fees of 0.036% x2 for Taker In and Out)
With 0.1% to cover both Fees and Slippage, a commonly used number in Backtesting. I hope Forward Testing will give a better idea as to slippage.
Jan 1st 2018–21 Jan 2021 with 0.1% for Fees and Slippage
Jan 1st 2020 — Dec 31st 2020, with 0.1% for Fees and Slippage
Forward Test so far, will keep updated, with 0.1% for Fees and Slippage
2017: 1st Oct 2017–31st Dec 2017
2018: 1st Jan 2018–31st Dec 2018
2019: 1st Jan 2019–1st Jan 2020
2020: 2nd Jan 2020–31st Dec 2020
2021: 1st Jan 2021–20th Jan 201. Will be updated.

Welcome to River Algos! I’m an ex-pat full time Crypto bot coder, bot investor, and former Theravadan Buddhist monk in Thailand.