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Powered by open source software Frostybot it allows more flexibility in what our algos can do in the future, both new versions of Samāpatti and other types of algos. The bots are run on FTX as it is by far and away the most stable exchange and with algorithmic trading you need an exchange that won’t go down when the market goes down. Also, since we have so many bots we need to use its subaccounts, which we can’t do on other exchanges. Here is a step by step guide to setting up.

  1. If you haven’t already got an FTX account, then you can use my referral code to get cheaper fees. FTX does not require any more KYC than just email address on it’s first level, which allows you to withdraw up to 9k/day, enough for most people. It allows you to fund using credit card, and other ways, or of course you can deposit crypto bought from your own fiat on-ramp. Feel free to ask questions regarding this on our telegram Once you have a funded FTX account set up, proceed to the next step.
  2. Purchase a subscription to the bots by contacting me @RiverCrypto on Telegram, payable via crypto from your FTX account, with no withdrawal fees. Again see RiverAlgos channel on Telegram for latest pricing and offers. Besides access to the bots, you will also get access to the Members Group on Telegram where I share coins to accumulate, gems, some manual trades, tips on trading, news, farming info etc.
  3. Go to

4. Enter your email address and a secure password, perhaps use a password manager like BitWarden. You will be able to add a 2FA with Google Authenticator afterwards. Then click Register.

5. Then click +Add button to add a bot.

6. You will see a Configure Account screen like this. To get the information needed to fill this form in, we need to go to FTX wallet page, where we will create a subaccount.

7. Click Create to make a subaccount for the first bot. You can see the subaccount names I use on the screen shot on step 5. Note, no spaces allowed and they are case sensitive.

8. Click the Transfer button next to Create, to move funds between the Main account and this new subaccount. I recommend using USD as collateral but with FTX you can choose to use spot crypto such as BTC, ETH, or a mixture of many. This will be a personal choice as some of you may be holding crypto for years with good entries, and will also have different views on whether we are entering a bear market or still in bull run. I generally use my 2 day and 1 day bots to determine such bias and whether to hold spot or USD, but I recommend USD.

9. Go to Settings on the submenu by clicking where your email address is at the top of FTX, then select Settings.

10. Then select API tab.

11. Select the new subaccount at the top bar of subaccounts. Create API Key for that subaccount (not read-only as it has to be able to place orders). Note that withdrawals are disabled by default for security. Keep the popup open that has the API Key and the Secret Key. Copy the subaccount name (I select it with mouse and Ctrl C) and paste that into the Configure Account screen from step 5. Then copy the API key into there too, followed by the Secret Key. Then enter the stub name and description (again see screen shot for how I’ve set all mine up), and select as the exchange of course. It should look something like this:

12. Click Submit there, and you can click Close on the Create API key popup on FTX. It will try to connect and if you have done it correctly will go to the main screen and you will see something like this:

13. Click the Gear icon on the right (the Lightning icon re-checks the connection, the Key icon returns you to the API details we just set up, and the trash can deletes it if you unsubscribe).

14. In the Configuration Options screen, you need to assign a Signal Provider (algo) from the dropdown to the API connection you just made, obviously picking the algo that matches. You can set Default Size to 100% for all bots except FTT where you could go up to 200% depending on risk tolerance. At the moment all other bots have a Max Drawdown somewhere between 20% and 30%, so you could reduce the Default Size if that is too much for you. I strongly advise not to increase it, and irresponsible leveraging up will lead to getting rekt and I may consider not extending subscriptions. I hope the version 2 bots on 1hr can have less drawdown and be used with 200% (x2) sizes.

All other settings can be left blank, as they are controlled by the bot. I will tell you if any new bots need a Default Stoploss set. Click close to save.

15. That completes the setting up of 1 bot and its stages of creating a subaccount, funding it, creating an API key, linking Frostybot to that API key, linking a particular algo to run against that API key and setting it’s default size.

16. Repeat steps 5–14 for each of the algos in the Suite that you wish to use. They are designed to be used as a portfolio to reduce the risk on each one and smooth the overall equity curve as they will catch trends or go into drawdown at different times. I strongly advise not to go to heavy on any one bot. Generally best to go a bit heavier on any bot once it’s in drawdown on a losing streak, thus buying the dip on it’s equity curve when it’s due to mean revert due to it’s edge.

17. Any questions, ask in the Telegram group or in Direct Message. Look forward to getting to know you.




Welcome to River Algos! I’m an ex-pat full time Crypto bot coder, bot investor, and former Theravadan Buddhist monk in Thailand.

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River Algos

River Algos

Welcome to River Algos! I’m an ex-pat full time Crypto bot coder, bot investor, and former Theravadan Buddhist monk in Thailand.

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